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Sharon Stewart
Arnhem, the Netherlands
tel.+31 26 370 4476
website: www.handsonpiano.nl


Hands-On Piano private piano studio in Alteveer, Arnhem (the Netherlands)
Approximately 50 students, children and adults
Weekly lesson program for children including recitals and workshops
Flexible program for adults


English Editor and Translator for works appearing in various publications

Associate Editor for online Journal of Sonic Studies (www.sonicstudies.org)
Leonardo Music Journal 20 (2010)
Cobussen, M. A., Thresholds: Rethinking Spirituality Through Music, Hampshire: Ashgate (2008)
Dutch Journal of Music Theory, Vol 12, Nr. 1, pp. 122-135 (2007)
Education Up For and Under Discussion: 24 Meditations on Music Education in the 21st Century, The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (2004)


Deep Listening Certification

2015 Mentor for international, online Certificate Program for Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros, IONE and Heloise Gold

2008/11 Three year certification program in Deep Listening.


Guest lecturer for dept. Women’s Studies at Utrecht University 
Discussed and listened to the works of creative women in music for the

course Women’s Representations of Eros and Pathos

Guest lecturer and leader of poetry/improvisation workshops for NOI♀SE

(Network Of Interdisciplinary Women's Studies in Europe) at the

international Summer School in the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.


Masters in Music Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory, the Hague
Final thesis centered around Feminisms, Improvisation and Technology in music education,
focusing also on my own experience with a private teaching practice.
Three concerts (including voice and viola, improvisatory ensemble and tape) focusing on female and
contemporary composers: Oct 2003 in The Hague, Jan 2004 in Utrecht and Dec 2004 at the Royal
Conservatory in The Hague
Graduated cum laude in April 2005


Teacher in the PIPO (Project Inleidend Piano Onderwijs) at the Royal Conservatory,
the Hague
Project presenting music to a group of 20 young children (5-6 yrs) for an intensive 3 hour program on
30 Saturdays during the school year
Providing piano lessons (two pianos) to a group of two to four children at a time within this program


Music Education in Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Music:
piano studies with Alexander Warenberg, piano methods with Willy Muller
Graduated June 2002 with a DM (teaching musician) diploma
Four years weekly Alexander Technique sessions
Private piano practice begun in Arnhem with four students (2000)


Music Experience in Paris:
Private Instruction under Dr. Beate Perrey
At Conservatoire National de Région Boulogne-Billacourt: Analyse, Histoire and Choeur de DFE-Moyen 
At Conservatoire Municipale du 15ème Arrondissement: Musique de Chambre
Assist with Children’s Choir of the American Church in Paris


Work/Study Years at National Music Conservatory (NMC) in Amman, Jordan:
One year of teaching and researching at the NMC
Instruction under Tsonka Boncheva-Al Bakri
Accompanied the Y.W.C.A. Amman Community Choir for their Christmas Concert at the 
Royal Cultural Centre in Amman
March concert with soprano Colene Erickson in Aqaba, Jordan
One year of teaching music theory and private piano lessons at the NMC in Amman. Also worked on
music curriculum development project for public schools in Jordan
December concert as soloist and accompanist with soprano Colene Erickson at the American Embassy
in Jordan


Four years at Ambassador University:
Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration
Instruction under professor Ruth Myrick
Accompanist for the Ambassador University (AU) Chorale under the direction of David Bilowus
One year performing with the AU Stage Band
Spring performance tour to Florida with AU Chorale
Three years studying under professor Ruth Myrick
Chosen for work/study program at National Music Conservatory in Amman, Jordan
Committee head of entertainment at Senior Graduation Dance and Reception
Solo summer concert at Ambassador University
Spring performance tour to Washington DC with AU Chorale
Summer archaeological dig/study at site in Umm-el-Jimal, Jordan
One year accompanying the AU Chorale under the direction of Mr. Roger Bryant
Committee head of musical entertainment at Sophomore Speech Banquet


Pre-University Background:
One year of lessons from James Duncan at USC in Pueblo, Colorado
Private piano lessons from the age of seven. Studied in Georgia under Jorge Marin and
Dr. Bruce Ashton of Collegedale College (CC), among others. In 1988 a recital at the Ackerman
Auditorium at CC with my sister. In Colorado studied under James Duncan (USC, Pueblo) and briefly
with Doris Lehnert (CU, Boulder).


General Education Diplomas:
Lewis-Palmer (Colorado USA)Ambassador University (Texas, USA) 
High School Diploma Bachelor of Science
Graduation Date - 5/91Graduate Date - 5/96 
Business Administration Major, including studies in Accounting, Economics, Organizational Theory and
Behavior and Financial Management; History Minor


Music-Related Diplomas:
Utrecht School of the Arts (NL)Royal Conservatory, the Hague (NL)
Pianist and teaching degree Masters in Music Pedagogy
Docent-Musicus (DM)